Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Happy New Year 2011!  If you are like me, the holiday festivities already seem like a distant memory.

I like January 10th.  In 1992, I welcomed a baby girl and was mightily surprised that her older brother had himself a new baby sister rather than the little brother that I had anticipated.  She arrived quickly, painfully and angrily - seven pounds of fury at having to start her life on the "outside".  I marvelled at the fact that the flowers and teddy bears coming our way would be pink!

My daughter attends the same university as her older brother.  He made a point of taking her out for her first 'legal' drink this afternoon (he is catching a bus home this evening and will be off to Spain in a couple of days). Their relationship has been interesting to observe over the years.  It has not been easy and they are fundamentally very different people by many measures.  Both of them had to cope with the subsequent births of two more sisters and the end of their parents' marriage.  They are quick to hurl insults and see faults in the other; however, I am convinced that they also have each other's backs.  From the earliest months, it was her job to make him laugh - never the reverse.  This aspect of their relationship provided me with many sweet parenting moments and memories.

Time marches on.  I am psyching up to say good-bye to first-born son for five months this week.  Although he is in his third year of university and I am used to his absences, this will certainly be an endurance test for my maternal sensibilities.  Similarly, how did my daughter become a 19-year-old adult without my noticing?  It is a potent week as viewed through my parent lenses!

We all have the first ten days of the year under our belts.  Changes, challenges, surprises and opportunities await us all.  The year is still new enough that there remains an air of expectancy.  My hope is that we can all ride the waves that come our way over the days, weeks and months ahead and have a continued sense that "the world is unfolding as it should".

May you enjoy your days and nights as you ride into this new year.

Wondering Woman