Friday, March 5, 2010

Marching on...

I am amazed at the ebbs and tides of life.  February escaped me entirely.  I can sit here now and state that I celebrated the 100th Day of School, Valentines Day, Family Day, Chinese New Year, all aspects of our very heady Canadian Olympic experience, family birthdays, etc.  While that was happening, I assessed 39 students, wrote 26 report cards and conducted 21 parent-teacher interviews.  While that was happening, I dealt with head lice in our household and vomiting.  While that was happening, our two university kids returned home for Reading Week.  While that was happening, family law financial woes raised their ugly and ever-present heads - yet again.  (Okay children of all need jobs and you need them now!)

Happily, as spring thinks about returning to our fair city, I can report that the steady rush of activity is mostly finished.  Life can now return to "normal" (very frugal but normal).  "Normal" holds greater and greater appeal the older one gets and the more lives one is called upon to manage. 

Every day reminds me in some way that life is ironic.  I was struck today that my first husband left me, even though I had four young children and my second husband married me, even though I had four young children.  One husband thinks I walk on water and the other thinks that I am the devil incarnate.  As is often said, "it takes all kinds".

Finally, my grade 11 daughter complained today that she always seems to be the one that has to refill the milk container with a new bag (which, I admit, is annoying).  It seemed to be an opportune time to remind her that at least we had milk in our home as I once needed to loan a financially challenged friend some cash so that she could at least buy food and milk for her son.

We live, we experience, we stretch, we grow. 

Always trying to examine the life that I am living,

Wondering Woman